Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Love Whispers

Listen to the sunset,
Can you hear its quiet sigh?
Listen, the sun is falling,
Watch it toning down the sky.

Soon darkness shall surround me,
Though twinkling stars will dare smile through,
While you are far away from me,
They'll frown a humble hue. And as the sunset spreads its colors,
Horizons of gold and red,
I lie here all too much alone,
In this great, vast chilling bed...

For my world has stopped revolving,
'Til you return, time's standing still,
And the cold has settled 'round me,
With its stinging, breathless chill.

But my love for you keeps growing,
Standing fast to fight the cold,
Reminds me of your body's warmth,
And the story of love, untold.

So listen to the sunset,
Look up, hear its quiet sigh,
Though' we're apart these lonely nights,
My love whispers across the sky.

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