Saturday, 26 February 2011

WHEN increasingly dim evening

now singing gull
sun dived to earth
long fissure in the liver

want to go home
by jumping to the other side
curves like the ocean waves
exciting and drown
beautiful body would kuterjang

want to go home
jump to the other side
swim found thee
mencumbumu recurrent
leave story
about the color orange

an increasingly dim


is I who weep
when you drop your tears

is I who feel
when you say happy

was I who languished
full of disappointed when your evening

I know your heart is content
when you whisper words of love
with what it is


The Authority has always had a wonderful plan for us His people
Occasional live happy heart ...
Sometimes a moment against hope
You just need to give thanks and contemplate
Do you continue to question, throw away all logic
Pray always good ... and grateful that you feel bad
When you have good intentions and ask for the best, that He gave kan
Sometimes a moment ... often have to go through days of testing liver
There is always a wonderful plan for you
Although sometimes you forget
There is always a wonderful plan for you
If you continue to ask Him